WoolMark® WoolMark® is one of the textile symbols most recognized all over the world, introduced since 1964 from  "The Woolmark Company". It represents a guarantee of quality and reliability. Only the Companies who have a license contract may use this mark on their products.To offer and guarantee high quality products to our customers, our Company  is WOOLMARK®   licensee.

Fire-retardant – If required, some of our products may be realized with fire-retardant  stuffing components and covering, with 1IM class certification.

Ecology – The Company takes a particular care for the problem of  waste disposal  and is always searching for new technologies, non toxic and recyclable materials and components.
Trekkology® - With this mark, our customers may choose ecologic and quality products. They may have stuffing which respects the environment where we live, transpirable, non-allergic,  shape-retaining, washable, fire-retardant and with many other specifications.