We are present at TECHTEXTIL Show in Frankfurt
(24 . 26 Aprile 2001)
 Hall 6.2 / Srand B05 in cooperation with TEXCLUBTEC.


We wanted to make this high quality product reliable and certified but at the same time with  softness, loft,  toughness and  fire-retardant specifications. We marked it  TREKKOLOGY, with this characteristics:

  • POLIFLAME F.R. TREKKOLOGY passed all the most important tests of  fire resistance; further than the  CSE RF 4/83 method,  it complies with the tests of  BRITISH STANDARD 5852  and the  TECHNICAL BULLETIN 117 SECTION C ,SECTION D PART 1

  • POLIFLAME F.R. TREKKOLOGY has a fire-retardant  fiber, manufactured since the first process of the polymer and not fixed like most of the F.R. fibers.

  • POLIFLAME F.R. TREKKOLOGY   stuffing is  transpirable like a natural fiber, but unlike it, it does not squeeze and does not felt.

  • POLIFLAME F.R. TREKKOLOGY  stuffing may be periodically washed with water at   90 C

  • POLIFLAME F.R. TREKKOLOGY  stuffing may be periodically sterilized in autoclave at 140C

  • POLIFLAME F.R. TREKKOLOGY  stuffing is completely recyclable

  • In case of fire, mattresses manufactured with POLIFLAME F.R. TREKKOLOGY stuffing do not produce poisonous fumes: with  POLIFLAME F.R. TREKKOLOGY you can avoid dangerous situations that other materials may create.

  • POLIFLAME F.R. TREKKOLOGY  is aseptic, it does not offer ground to microbes or moulds: it is the perfect stuffing for mattresses. It is a perfect product for Institutions (Hospitals, Hotels, Communities, etc)

  • Dust acarus  find in a mattress with POLIFLAME F.R. TREKKOLOGY stuffing an environment which is unfavourable to their growth

  • POLIFLAME F.R. TREKKOLOGY  stuffing is light and very lofty: it is produced with fibers with hollow section that make them perfect as stuffing for pillows and mattresses.

  • POLIFLAME F.R. TREKKOLOGY  stuffing may be set under vacuum since it has high values of loft and toughness.
    respects the environment even during its manufacturing.
      manufacturing is aligned to the requirements necessary for similar sectors like the "textiles for the house"
    We wanted all this visible and clear not only for our customers but even for all the users of  products which contain  POLIFLAME F.R. TREKKOLOGY
    This is why we give to our customer the possibility to apply the TREKKOLOGY
    mark to their products, with the use of informative labels to let know the advantages brought by the products using this mark.