Cardatura Poppi, with more than forty years of experience, designs and produces thinking about the wellness of who sleeps.
Our products are the result of continuous research and development for the production of stuffing for mattresses, pillows and quilts. The determinant factors that guide the choices of our Company are the same we use for the creation of our products:

·        SELECTION OF THE MATERIALS. Strong in the tradition acquired in the sector, we can boast of a consolidated experience of research of the most suitable materials, always respecting the quality standards required.
·        SELECTION OF THE PROCESSING. Our production is hardly ever standardized but linked to satisfy the always different requirements and needs of our customers.
·        TECHNOLOGY. Following the market in order to understand the needs of our customers is what allows us to invest in the technological renewal which is essential for the success of our products.
Technical textiles, non woven fabrics, thermo-coupled fabrics are solutions that put beside our items create high technology products.
·         CERTIFICATIONS. For a further guarantee of the quality and reliability reached by our products, we are able to provide certifications that prove the attention we pay to the research of raw materials and to their processing. WOOLMARK® certified wool, to give the maximum guarantee to our customers,1IM class certified stuffing to give maximum safety,TREKKOLOGY® branded products to give maximum ecology and recycle.
·         SAFETY. The re-organization of the processing sector made in the last years, further than an adjustment to the safety rules, allowed our working place to be not only more safe but above all more comfortable for our operators.
·         SERVICES. Thanks to the cooperation of other Companies and laboratories, we can offer a more complete service to all of our customers. Thanks to our know-how, we can grant research and choose of the most suitable products, assuring to reach in short time high levels of quality and production.